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Silence is relaxation.

Silence is trust.

Silence is knowing.

 Silence is creativity.

Silence is being who you are.

Our modern life is often busy. There are moments when you truly need rest. You miss silence and being. You miss for refreshing yourself. You miss the connection.

And knowing that nature can give all this

you miss also nature.

Our journeys give you possibility to feel ancient connection with the whole, to be fulfilled with richness of natural life, to be silent and relax,

to feel that you are already there.

There’s no need to hurry. There’s no need to worry. There’s no need to push.

everything is all right.




Sound & Silence ® is registered trademark for silence treks & hikes.

Oulu Area & Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark.

Well-being from nature. Stress management. Treks&hikes inspired by deep nature connection.

You’re warmly welcome to join us!


Sound & Silence