Sound & Silence | Circulation and transformation as natural elements of life
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Circulation and transformation as natural elements of life

17 Oct 2014, Posted by admin in Feelings

We have got the first taste of winter during this week. Minus degrees in the morning and cold breath in the air. This makes me think about circulation, transformation – and also letting go and dying. Dying not meaning death of a person but rather death of something in life that needed to come to an end.

Late autumn frost

Four seasons gives us possibility to explore the energies of circulation as continuous tranformation of life. What does it mean to you? What does it mean to me? In  your life? In my life? How do I react to the changes in nature during late autumn when life seems to be going to sleep or sometimes even die?

Forzen-plantI love to go deep inside to feel all the feelings of autumn. The energies of nature are inspiring this process of going inside. Something need to dye for something new to be born. This is mostly inner process in me but visible, outer process in nature. And this visibility in nature makes the inner process more visible too – it makes me realize all the things that are happening inside. How simple and still delicate and sensitive.

I love the crispiness of leaves under feet. I love the freshness of air.I also love the art that nature is doing every day. Forms of frozen water in  lakes, on leaves, berries, ground etc. And frozen cranberries straight from the swamp are the most delicious refreshment.Cranberry

This time is in fact pretty productive even though it can be characterized by words like ‘letting go’, ‘rest’ or even ‘dying’. It gives a lot as joy of beauty, peace of quiet waiting and silent happiness that arises from inside when accepting constant transformation as natural part of life, of circulation.


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