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Finnish national soul

06 Dec 2014, Posted by admin in Experiences, Facts, Feelings, Myths

We Finnish have gone through a lot as a nation (as have many other nations too). Our history and nature conditions has made a large part of our characteristics today. We live surrounded by nature that has many faces. Sometimes it gives silk and beauty, sometimes roughness and cold. We have suffered, we have been lonely, quiet, shy, sullen, we have been crazy, hungry, tired and bad. On the other hand nature and small lonely surroundings have given us experiences that are beyond the words. I can try to put those experiences into such words as connection, beauty of life, depth, silent happiness, peace and understanding, taking care of the closest.

We have been ashamed of our history as shy, sullen and quiet people. And at the same time we have refused to see the other side of the coin. We have sometimes forced ourselves to be outgoing, talkative, modern, city people and hided “the inner Finnish”, shy and quiet nature lover.

Our nation, our people, have got possibility to live life, that deepens heart. According to theosophic understanding our nation is on the path of heart (corresponding to second ray). Our national soul, our history and our cultural heritage affects every one that lives in this country – despite his/her characteristics (some of us are naturally outgoing extroverts).

It’s natural to us, to Finnish people, to withdraw to the nature, to the silence. Natural circulation of nature intensifies the processes of heart. Many of us lives together with nature – the darkness of November takes us deeper and deeper and spring time awakens us again with hope, life and beauty. It’s like dying and rebirthing again and again every year. We are part of nature and the destiny of our nation is deeply involved to the natural cycles and life of nature. This is part of larger whole, larger plan, which in it’s greatness is outside our ability to understand.

Today it’s time to celebrate our independence. I’d like to celebrate also our national soul and our cultural heritage. These are and has been always present regardless of the location of our country’s boundaries.

Thank you Finland for giving us possibility to live inside your domain. Thank you for giving us possibility to grow and nourish. Thank you for possibility to transform the shyness, sullenness and loneliness of past into openness, sensitivity and compassion of today and future.

Have a happy independence day, Finland!

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