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Feeling the sound of summer

12 May 2015, Posted by admin in Experiences, Feelings

Now it’s really close – the summer! It’s coming closer and closer every day. There are days I dream about shining sun, blowing summer wind, smell of grass, sound of rippling waves. And as I see the birds building their nests, still half-asleep wasps, bumblebees and flies trying to get their heads clear and every day bigger and bigger buds turning into small leaves, I can feel growing inner satisfaction that is mixture of dreams come true and presence in the moment.

Rain is no more cold and raw and grayness is no more desolation. Spring and summer forgives a lot.

IMG_9204I am sailing on the waves of emotions. They are overflowing me as sign of life, giving richness and pleasure. They are many, they are various. I’m listening. I’m feeling. I’m accepting. I’m letting go when time is right. And all this happens together with surrounding nature. Sun shine yesterday meant happiness, joy, gratitude, satisfaction and raindrops today mean blues and tiredness. Both waves rest on the solid foundation of “I am – presence” – where there is no questioning if this is right or wrong, if there’s meaning in this, if something should be differently.

We have made more birdhouses this spring. One also for owls this time. This is first time we try to get bigger residents. Blue tits, great tits and flycatchers are already fighting furiously over birdhouses. Hopefully additional construction that we made brings little relief to housing shortage. Fighting is part of spring time in nature: fighting over spouses, fighting over territories, fighting over houses and nests. I’m glad there’s lot of joyful singing to compensate all argues. And they will all find their places in the end for sure.

I’m enjoying fully about every light and shadow, every tone and note, every brush stroke of nature, every step of life going its path.

Welcome summer – again!




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