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Sometimes you need to stumble

05 Jun 2015, Posted by admin in Experiences, Feelings

Sometimes you need to stumble and kneel to see the beauty of life. This was one of those days.

Blueberry flowers usually don’t get very much of my attention. They are important mostly as a source of information. Is it going to be good berry year or not? (As a child we also used to eat them as they taste very sweet.) This year they are plenty. The next level of evaluation is about estimating the amount of insects – is there enough pollinators? And in this way the conclusion would be: Yes, there is going to be good berry year. Or. No, it’s such a cold and there are just a little of pollinators that probably we will not have plenty of blueberries this year.

When we look at the nature in this way, we base our perception on mental level. Perception is a tool in a process of gathering information. Our brain is working logically, we combine information, we interpret what we see in relation to older information and so on.

I love to take back light photos from sunny forest. Like this:


I saw these pictures to come again. The light was perfect. I just love when it filter through the forest. This light magnetizes me every time. I can see only the light. It keeps me holding.

However, I wanted to see something else. I decided this time I concentrate on something else.

How hard it was! I really didn’t see anything but the back light filtering through the forest!

Until I stumbled.

Sometimes we need to stumble to see things differently.

From different perspective.

I stumbled and I saw the blue berry flowers again. This time I didn’t see the berries to come. I saw beauty. I was lying on the hummock and I saw beauty all over. Breath taking beauty. And this beauty started to live on my camera. Little by little. The wave of creation took me with.

Here’s what I saw:


Sometimes you need to stumble to release your brain from old way of thinking. Born freedom gives room for the wave of creation. The wave of creation shakes the old patterns. It takes you to unknown and unexpected paths. It can’t be controlled, it can’t be forced. Creation is more than just mental, more than just brain. It has a lot to do with intuition. It has a lot to do with wordless world that lies behind. It combines all that you have (feelings, logic, knowledge, skills…) in a unique way, unexpected way.

Forest is a good place to stumble. Soft hummocks and plenty of natural beauty around.

And as I came back home and turned on my computer I saw even more. I saw different paintings about blueberry flowers, different shapes of forest, different colors of life.



What a joy!

Sometimes you need to stumble to find the joy.



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