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About us


Hanna Aarrekorpi is a wilderness guide and a founder of Sound & Silence. She is used to be in the nature already since childhood as she had opportunity to hiking, fishing and picking berries with her family. She is experienced hiker especially in Lapland and also in other nature areas in Finland. As she was studying to become a wilderness guide in 1997 – 1998 she was already interested in nature’s healing abilities. After many years of quiet thinking and additional studies (among other things practical nurse in mental health, psychology in open university and meditation guiding along spiritual studies) she created a product idea of silence trekking that is combining her own understanding about nature connection (via own experience) to the techniques like forest bathing and ideas of ecotherapy. Peaceful being in nature has been proven to benefit health a lot. Silence trekking is concerned to put these powers into service of people. She also liked the idea of making use of traditional Finnish way to be silently connected to nature. “We know the silence” she says “and we can pass this knowledge forward to help other people to obtain this strong nature connection too.”’



Sound & Silence offers silence/slow travel programs and sound relaxation. It operates in Oulu area and Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark in Northern Finland.

Sound & Silence’s services are mainly for small groups. This makes it possible for us  to serve every customer individually. This also makes the experience of silence and sensing even stronger.


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