Sound & Silence | Hiking with the forest’s mistress
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Hiking with the forest’s mistress



You are able to dwell into the silence of nature and stories of Finnish mythology together with forest’s mistress. She will guide you into the story of gnomes and sprites, forests gods and goddesses. You are able to enjoy the silence and deepen your senses with exercises that are based on forest bathing. Your connection to nature will become stronger. Welcome to relax and open your senses by listening, seeing, touching, tasting and smelling – and at the same time letting your mind take a journey into the world of Finnish mythology.

This hike gives you possibility to deep nature experience in intense silence. It includes peaceful walking and being in nature together with sensory training. Stories of Finnish mythology are walking all way long with us and they will take your imagination over the border of real and story. You are able to live for a few hours in a mythological world where stories become reality – with the help of your imagination. There’s also break for picnic lunch at camp fire.

Hike includes few kilometers peaceful walk. We stop often for sensory training and stories. You need to have your own clothing according to weather (waterproof if raining). Picnic lunch is ready-packed in back pack that you will carry yourself.

4 hours

115 € / person (incl. VAT 24%)

• Picnic lunch in back pack (coffee/tea + sandwich, sausage prepared at campfire)
• Services of wilderness guide
• Guiding to exercises
• Storytelling

Finnish and English

Minimum charge  for 4 persons. Group size max. 10 persons.

Bookings at least 2 days before! Contact: info @ or +358 44 980 1073

For larger groups (max 20 persons), please ask for an offer!