Sound & Silence | Lovi: Forest as an Inspiration – Meet the Artist
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Lovi: Forest as an Inspiration – Meet the Artist




This product takes you to the roots of art. First you are able to visit Lovi company. Lovi is a design company founded by designer Anne Paso, who has invented and developed Lovi products, wooden creations from the Forest of Finland. Company visit includes company introduction, coffee/tea break and possibility to outlet shopping.

After company visit there is a lunch break at Koiteli rapids. In winter time you are able to enjoy an athmosphere of Tunnelmatupa warm cottage and in summer time the lunch will be served at “Kota” that is a traditional Sami people teepee like dwelling made of fabric. After the lunch designer Anne Paso will take you to the nature of Koiteli and tell you about forest as an inspiration. You are able to discuss with the designer, take photos and ask questions. After time spent with Anne you are guided to silence walk in Koiteli nature by Hanna Aarrekorpi from Sound & Silence. This walk includes being in the nature in silence, listening and feeling to the nature. Exercises are based on forest bathing (shinrin-yogu) and ideology of eco-therapy. After walking and being in silence for one hour, you have possibility to sit at camp fire having small snack and local tar liqueur.

In the afternoon there will be visit to Kiiminki church (1760) that is excellent Christmas church and well preserved example of an old log architecture. You’ll hear about the joinery, wood construction, history and use of wood design in old Finnish wooden churches. You are able to visit also in bell tower (1777).


9.00 Departure from Oulu
9.30 Arrival to Lovi company (company introduction, coffee/tea, possibility to outlet shopping)
11.00 Departure to Koiteli (via road through forest)
11.30 Lunch at Koiteli (during summer season in Kota, during winter season in Tunnelmatupa cottage)
12.30 Forest as an inspiration by designer Anne Paso
13.00 Silence walk by Hanna Aarrekorpi (including forest bathing)
14.00 Small snack and tar liqueur at camp fire
15.00 Departure to Kiiminki church
15.15 Visit to Kiiminki church (guided tour in church and bell tower, possibility to be silent in church or church yard)
16.30 Departure to Oulu
17.00 Arriving to Oulu


8 h (7,5 h if designer Anne Paso is not available at Koiteli rapids)

156 € / persons with designer Anne Paso in Koiteli
136 € / persons without designer Anne Paso in Koiteli
Koiteli menu of two dishes 18 €
Koiteli menu of three dishes 38 €

Transportation not included

Group size:
8 – 20 persons (minimum charge for 8 persons)

Finnish and English


Contact and reservation:
Sound & Silence
Hanna Aarrekorpi
+358 44 980 1073

Light Koiteli Menu (two dishes)
Rice with Roasted Vegetables
Coffee/Tea and Pancake
Water or Juice

Traditional Koiteli Menu (three dishes)
Wild Mushroom Soup from Finnish Forest
Flamed Salmon with Tartar Sauce, Baked Potatos
Curdy Lingonberry Dream
Water or Juice

Lunch is served in Tunnelmatupa warm cottage at winter season. Tunnelmatupa cottage is in Sahasaari island in the middle of beautiful Koiteli rapids. Short walk there along the bridges will take you there.

During summer season you are able to enjoy lunch in Sami people traditional teepee-like dwelling, Kota. This is also situated in Sahasaari island, next to Tunnelmatupa cottage.