Sound & Silence | Nature heals us
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Nature heals us


Silence trekking offers possibility to slow down, sense the nature deeply and comprehensively and relax to the present moment. Slowing down in nature – with less outer activity and more sensing and observing – gives opportunity to experience richness of nature with deep feeling of connection. It may lead you back to the ancient feeling of being a natural part of rich and diverse bigger whole – nature. This happens via more sensitive senses and opening to your inner being. Nature heals you at the same time and you may find new well being and deepness in you.

Peaceful being in nature has health promoting effects according to many research:
* blood pressure improvement
* reduced muscle tension
* increase in disease-fighting white blood cells
* combats insomnia and improves quality of sleep
* lower anxiety
* less pain
* less fatigue
* improved immune health
* combats depression
* fights stress and anger
* reduced likelihood of obesity & type 2 diabetes
* reduced likelihood of cardiovascular disease

When you add to the peaceful being a deep state of listening and sensing , you may find and feel nature in a new way that is very personal and unique.

Ideology of Sound & Silence silence travel includes diminishing outer activity so that there will open new room for being – and in that way room for deep experiencing and strengthening feeling of peace and calmness.

Silence is relaxation.

Silence is trust.

Silence is knowing.

 Silence is creativity.

Silence is being who you are.

Our modern life is often busy. There are moments when you truly need rest. You miss silence and being. You miss for refreshing yourself. You miss the connection.

And knowing that nature can give all this

you miss also nature.

Our journeys give you possibility to feel ancient connection with the whole, to be fulfilled with richness of natural life, to be silent and relax,

to feel that you are already there.

There’s no need to hurry. There’s no need to worry. There’s no need to push.

everything is all right.