Sound & Silence | Sound&Silence® One Day Silence Trekking 7h
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Sound&Silence® One Day Silence Trekking 7h


Relax in silence and open your senses by listening, seeing, feeling, touching, tasting and connecting – and feel the effects on your well-being!

 ound&Silence® One Day Silence Trekking 7h combines silence to eco-therapeutic approach. They promote health by releasing stress and helping our brain and body to recover. You get possibility to deep and safe nature experience in intense silence. SSound&Silence® One Day Silence Trekking 7h includes walking slowly in the forest, listening and feeling the nature, guided moments of connecting yourself into the nature and guided exercises of sensitizing the senses. Peaceful being in forest with sensory training promotes our physical and mental well-being. Silence helps our brain to recover and grow (for example memory and concentration). It also helps us to find the way to peace in ourselves. Sound&Silence® One Day Silence Trekking 7h opens room for clearer senses and deeper experiencing. Whole day peaceful being in nature is very effective stress release and it creates inner calmness and peace.

 We walk slowly and there are a lot of moments of being and relaxing. Picnic lunch (soup, coffee/tea, sandwich, snack) is ready packed in back pack. Transportation to destination is included to duration.

You can read more about how nature heals us HERE.

You need to have your own clothing according to the weather (waterproof, if raining) and own small back bag. We offer you soup lunch and snacks with tea or coffee. Exercises are based on forest bathing method (shinrin-yogu) and ecotherapy.



Season: 01.05.-31.10.

Duration: 7 h.

Participants: 2 – 10 pax., minimum age 12 years.

Languages: English.

Services included: Services of wilderness/nature guide, guiding silence and exercises, soup lunch, picnic snack.


Sound & Silence, Hanna Aarrekorpi,

Tel. +358 (0) 44 980 1073,