Sound & Silence | Peter Hess® Sound Massage
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Peter Hess® Sound Massage


Client is lying down on massage table with clothes on. Singing bowls are set on the body and played gently. Playing creates harmonic sound vibration that relaxes – and the body, mind and soul can let go off tensions, worries and rush of everyday life. In this way it’s possible to make room for developing and recognising the healing powers of the body.

Bowls can also be played outside the body in Peter Hess® Sound Massage if client likes it more in that way.

Duration of Peter Hess® Sound Massage is ca. 60 min.

Peter Hess® Sound Massage

Only home visits available at the moment!

Price 60 € (in Oulu region)
Inquiries: tel. +358 44 980 1073/Hanna