Sound & Silence | Silence Walk in Ainola Park
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Silence Walk in Ainola Park


Silence walk in Ainola park offers possibility to walk with silent mind in beautiful Ainola Park just in the middle of Oulu city center. Silence walk includes walking in the most quiet parts of the park, listening and feeling the trees and nature, guided moments of connecting yourself into the nature and guided exercises of sensitizing the senses. The walk is refreshing experience that promotes well-being, calms down and opens room for clearer senses and deeper experiencing.

Sound & Silence walk in Ainola Park includes 0.5 – 1 km walking.

Outdoor clothing according to the weather needed by customer.

Difficulty: easy. It’s suitable for kids over 12 years and adults.

Gathering point: In the front of Art Museum of Oulu.


PRICE: 35 € / person