Sound & Silence | Peter Hess® Sound Method
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Peter Hess® Sound Method


The heath promoting effects of sound vibration have been known in different cultures over times. For example Indian vedic healing tradition knew these effects already 5000 years ago. Music in all forms includes possibility to the same. Other examples from all around the world are shamans work with sound and drumming, throat singing of West-Mongolian and West-Tuvan and lamentations of Slavic people and so on.

Peter Hess (b. 1941) is German engineering graduate (PH) in Physical Technology. He got interested in healing effects of sound while travelling in India, Nepal and Tibet. He worked many decades studying the effects of sound vibration to the people. Sound effects us directly through limbic system. Playing sound bowls create a lot of harmonic sounds. These sounds can be found also in nature’s own sound world (whooshing wind, babbling stream etc.)  Peter Hess found out that these sounds affect our body: blood pressure lowers, pulse diminishes, EEG shows more alpha-, theta- and delta-waves (relaxing), secretion of endorphin, serotonin and oxytocin increases, nervous system and muscles relaxes (EMG-studies) and so on.

Peter Hess developed after long studies and experiments a method of deep relaxation based on sound vibration.  This method has been used in German already since 1980’s. There are used special singing bowls in this method. Singing bowls are handmade in traditional ways from twelve metal alloy in Nepal and North-India. Peter Hess® Sound Massage is developed to fit in to the western culture and it doesn’t engage to any religion or philosophy nowadays.

The effects of Peter Hess® Sound Massage:

  • Makes deep relaxation possible
  • Harmonizes every single cell gently via sound vibration
  • Is able to promote health, improve awareness of the body and support recognising and enabling own resources
  • Positive effect on self-confidence, creativity and self-realization
  • Effects in holistic way refreshing and renewing the body, mind and soul

Peter Hess® Sound Massage supports, promotes and strengthens the health. This method doesn’t focus to work on problem areas of the body or mind. It doesn’t replace doctor’s or therapist’s care.